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Who We Are

Quick Ads is a leading ad network with 50000 directly managed sites and 20000 affiliated sites globally. We can provide you world largest deep discount and best deal platform covering all of North America UK and Europe, worldwide traffic. We serve over 1 million impressions every day and also we have a user-managed platform. We optimize campaign according to the verticals. We get over a million visitors on our platforms and looking forward to our partnership. Let's connect with us and make money.

Mobile Banner

Banners optimized for smartphones and tablets

Instant Message

Typically a copy of the instant message chatbox

In player Ads

In video banner

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Mobile popunder

Solution for delivering traffic for mobile sites and apps

Display Banners

300x100 and 300x250 banner formats and also work with all IAB stands

Pop up/ Pop-under

Traffic delivery solution for desktop & mobile sites

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Mobile Advertising
Quick Ads offers on essential marketing tool for Brands, Agencies and Media Planners that are seeking to acquire new users or gain customer’s loyalty through personalized mobile experience on large scale.

We deliver highly engaging HD video to the smartphones and tablets of your target consumers, growing your brands awareness and loyalty. Get more out of mobile marketing.

Quick Ads gives you a complete view of your target consumers, built from petabytes of data, including $1.9 trillion in online and offline purchases. We observe 535 million devices more than AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile combines. And we add on more than 5 billion daily location points. 

  • Reach more on Mobile with greater accuracy.
  • Maximize reach.
  • Build your brand with High-Impact Rich Media.
  • Experience Sight, Sound and Emotion of Video.

Banner Advertising

Display advertising that makes your brand stand out. Quick Ads  is constantly innovating so you can create the best display advertising experiences for your brand. We work with all popular banner sizes certified by IAB Display advertising is more advanced than ever. Quick Ads lets you create and target display ads that connect with your customers in brilliant new ways.

  • Easy-to-create, complex rich media display ads
  • The best Dynamic Creative offering in the business.
  • Best in class mobile display capabilities with MRC accreditation for trustworthy data.
  • Award-winning customer support, here to help as you create your display ads.

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Video Advertising

Step up your digital advertising presence with video campaigns. Benefit from our broad network of direct relationships with premium publishers and app developers, and reach your target market as they consume relevant content.

A variety of video player placement options includes pre-roll, mid-roll and post- roll video formats. Maximize your video ad revenue with our proprietary data analytics. Sophisticated business intelligence tools enable you to track and monitor inventory, lower costs, manage yield and optimize fill rates.

Our video solutions provide a selection of video player formats for high impact placement, in multiple locations and sizes. Engage users across screens, with quality video content, at high production values. Additionally, our experienced team of video specialists offers personal support and expertise to drive your performance and deliver exceptional results


Pop Up/Under Traffic – Website & Mobile Pop Up/Under Advertising. PopUp/Under appears hidden behind the main browser window. The pop-under is a full screen ad triggered when a Visitor clicks anywhere on the page he visits.

A variation on the pop-up window is the pop-under advertisement, which opens a new browser window hidden under the active window. Pop-unders do not interrupt the user immediately and are not seen until the covering window is closed, making it more difficult to determine which web site opened them.

Powerful cross-browser popunder script for the best performance

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Native Ad

Quick Ads offers premium engagement-based solutions that enable advertisers to offer exclusive content and experiences, that leave a lasting impression because your brand a delivered positive experience and a value our listeners crave.


These Unique Ad solutions allow brands to sponsor impressionable listener moments that matter.


Quick Ads is a kit that brings dozens of  varied  types of texts and images and lets marketers exchange ad dollars to quality leads from all over the world.

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Advantages of Advertising with us

Advanced targeting

Our goal is to ensure your ad reaches your target audience. Our system facilitates various targeting options you might be looking for. One of those many options allows you to set up a mobile carrier campaign for a specific period of time and a certain range of IPs.

Advanced Targeting Options

Choose between: GEOs, Devices, Operating Systems, Carriers, Age, Gender, Browsers and additional custom parameters.

Fastest campaign launch

Time is a precious commodity. Just submit a campaign by your manager and it will be online before you check your statistics. our customers are at the heart of our business strategy and we strive to help them grow their financial assets. Your campaign will be approved within 1 hour in our business days and up to 12h on weekends.

Campaigns' Optimisation

Achieve higher ROIs by using our publisher white listing and blacklisting features.

Hourly Updated Reports

Closely monitor your campaign’s progress by analysing our hourly-updated reports.

First-Class Support

We offer live support via e-mail and Skype to all our users. we are always available from sales and delivery  24 hours a day.


We are here to help you. Just drop us a message.